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The Tax Practice is a professional administrative tax law representation firm. Our firm is staffed with Enrolled Agents (EAs).

Why Choose us ?

Over 20 Years Experience

Our expertise in the continually changing field of tax law enables us to effectively represent taxpayers audited by the IRS.

Enrolled Agents

Our firm is staffed with Enrolled Agents (EAs) authorized by the Federal Government to represent taxpayers before all levels of the Internal Revenue Service.

Licensed & Admitted to Practice before the IRS

Only legally authorized professionals are allowed to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service, such as Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants and Attorneys.

Our Services

Service 01
Tax Audits & Examinations

We have over 20 years experience representing taxpayers before the examination division of the IRS; for individuals, corporations and small business.

Service 02
IRS Appeals Engagements

We are qualified and licensed to represent clients at the IRS appellate level for all type cases pending before the IRS. Post audit cases, innocent spouse case, employment tax and various other issues.

Service 03
IRS Tax Collection

Offer-in-compromise cases, Installment agreement issues including the type cases noted in the next heading.

Service 04
IRS Liens, Levys, Garnishments, Etc.

We represent clients before the IRS concerning the Filing of Federal Tax Liens, Bank Levies and Wage & Income Levies.

Service 05
Specializing in Non-Filer Cases

The IRS is strongly pursuing and prosecuting "non-filers". If you have not filed several of your federal tax returns, we specialize in representing all type taxpayers regarding this severe issue.

Service 06
Pre-Tax Court Litigation Support

We also represent taxpayers before the IRS in cases that are docketed in the United States Tax Court (pre-trial). We assist pro-se taxpayers with their defense strategies and legal approach briefs.

Service 07
Corporate & Business Tax Issues

Representation and/or consulting services are available for various types of tax related issues concerning corporations, partnerships, LLC's and for sole proprietors and independent contractors.

Service 08
Tax Preparation Services provided by U.S. Tax Group

Tax preparation services are provided by our associate firm, U.S. Tax Group. We prepare individual, corporate, partnership and non-profit federal and state tax returns.

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